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Laser Hair Removal

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Because of advancements in modern medical laser technology, you’re able to dramatically decrease unwanted body hair growth with personalized laser hair removal treatments. Surya Medical Group in Kenosha, Wisconsin, helps both men and women achieve smoother skin with Cynosure® Icon™ laser sessions. Learn more about laser hair removal services by booking a consultation through the website, or by calling the office to speak with a team member.

Laser Hair Removal Q & A

What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

Going through a personalized laser hair removal treatment package with the state-of-the-art Icon platform can help you achieve smoother, nearly entirely hair-free skin, after just a few short sessions. Opting for laser hair removal is beneficial because it can:

  • Save you time (no more waxing, shaving, or plucking)
  • Target large patches of hair, like your back, during a quick service
  • Make your skin look more even-toned (no more stubble or discoloration from hair)

Modern laser hair removal treatments aren’t just for men and women with dark hair and fair skin, as in years past. You may be an ideal candidate for this groundbreaking treatment even if you have light or fine hair or dark or tanned skin. 

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal with the Icon laser, an industry-leading platform, targets hair pigments, without damaging or burning your skin. As each hair follicle heats up, the growth center is quickly destroyed. 

Because treated hairs are essentially dead and no longer growing, your skin pushes them out, and they shed away naturally within a few weeks. This is why regular exfoliation for several weeks after laser hair removal is important.  

Even though the Icon laser targets all hairs in a designated area, it’s most effective on hairs that are in the anagen phase and are actively growing. Every hair is at a different point in the growth cycle, though. To effectively target each hair, you need to come into Surya Medical Group for multiple laser hair removal sessions. 

When will I have results with laser hair removal?

You should notice that your skin is smoother and that fewer hairs are growing in within a few weeks of your very first laser hair removal session at Surya Medical Group. Depending on your hair growth pattern, as well as your hair type and skin color, you could need anywhere from three to six Icon laser hair removal sessions, spaced anywhere from four to six weeks apart.

Find out how laser hair removal can benefit you by booking a consultation at Surya Medical Group today.

Individual results may vary.